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Shrinkray Labs is a portfolio and blog by Greg Miller, owner of Shrinkray Interactive, LLC. I am focused on inclusive design to build a better web for everyone. ...

UX Engineer

Builder of web UI

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My latest projects

Senior UX Engineer

Senior UX Engineer

Hired to fast track UX Engineering within a newly formed UX design group. Integrated layouts into Semantic HTML with Modular Sass to create reusable design components.

Google Developer Group Toledo Organizer

Google Developer Group Toledo Organizer

I'm the local tech event organizer, organizing events for Toledo Web Professionals since 2012. In 2017 I launched the Google Developer Group, supporting and participating in various DevFests. Recently I joined the North American Connect event in Sunnyvale, CA.


What's cool about Shrinkray Labs

These are the core services I leverage for every project and team I join.

Semantic HTML

The benefit of writing semantic HTML stems from what should be the driving goal of any web page: the desire to communicate.

Responsive Design

Responsive web design ensures websites offer a seamless and high-quality on-site experience for any internet user, regardless of the device.

Agile Teams

A self-sufficient and adaptable team player delivering features in every sprint.


Creating web content, design, and tools that can be used by everyone regardless of ability.

Web Performance

How fast does your website feels to your users? Slow web pages frustrate users and make them less likely to stick around.

Design Systems

It is a complete set of components intended to guide with standards to manage design at scale using reusable patterns.