Shrinkray Labs is a portfolio and blog by Shrinkray Interactive. I write about UX Engineering and making the web equitable for all.

Areas I consult

I specialize in UX Engineering with skills touching UX and UI Design, Interactive Prototypes, Semantic HTML and Accessibility. In the frontend I enjoy building in platforms with a strong developer experience such as Astro JS, Svelte, and Next JS. I loosely do some work in the fullstack realm, but most experience is on the front.

Like many, my background in web design and development started in WordPress where I still support sites. There I specialized in customizing and building bespoke themes. It was in WordPress where I developed a love of Core Web Vitals and how to get the best performance out of the website.

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    UX Design

    My first work on the web was in design. When I learned about media queries and building responsive sites I was drawn to this work. And then went to work to draw, first in notebooks and later in tools like Sketch and Figma. Today we take a different angle, using design thinking to extract the key demands for designs. Then the work is created and organized into Design Systems made to set limitations around the work and make it reapeatable.

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    UX Engineering

    This is the latest role to excite me. I've been involved in UX for many years but never as a narrowly focused role. As an engineer, I solve UX and UI problems working from the front of the frontend and into a fullstack role, working with DevOps, Fullstack Engineers. It is something I've had the fortune to work in for several years and am comfortable diving in and working through technical issues to deliver design systems for applications.

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    WordPress Developer & Host

    In this role, I supplement teams working on WordPress PHP custom features. I enjoy working in JavaScript but I admit I miss working in PHP too. For a few customers I will support custom code.