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Web Design & WordPress Developer

Bespoke theme developer for Ohio-based manufacturer



Universal Industrial, Inc. is the original patent holder and manufacturer of Soss premium door hardware, including Invisible Hinge and the Ultralatch door handle products. My role involved all aspects for the WordPress sites. I proposed designs, built front and backend interfaces for several websites for the small US owned manufacturer. For over five years I guided two site redesigns, oversaw migration, hosting, security, payment processing, and implemented several marketing feature customizations such as implementing Babylon JS 3DS and GSAP animations.

Key Achievements

  • Developed architecture and design of intuitive user experiences across mobile-ready, themed websites.
  • Improve client satisfaction through website security, effective troubleshooting support, and implementing consistent themes and interactions, coding web-delivered products.
  • Guided acceptance of Stripe payment processing
  • Improved web performance by steadily managing cache, configuring server, managing Cloudflare, and usability improvement with Google Search Console.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Scroll half-way down find the 3D interactive UI. I implemented the 3D interface and created the UI interface. The skins and rigging was developed in 3DSMax by an outside vendor. They supplied the models and rough interface. I studied BabylonJS docs and learned to refactored all aspects to improve UX, theme, and fit into the WordPress website.

๐Ÿ‘‰ I setup and trained the staff in using Stripe as their payment process.